minibook { ... ode to a scrapbooking wife

Ode to my Wife, the Scrapbook Cropper
Author: Valerie Consolo


She learned to crop on Monday,
Her shapes were going fine.
She forgot to thaw our dinner,
So we went out to dine...

She added die-Cuts on Tuesday,
She says they really are a must.
They actually were quite lovely,
But she forgot to dust...

On Wednesday it was stickers,
She says the designs are fun.
What highlights, what shadows!!
But the laundry wasn't done...

Her journaling was on Thursday,
With Pigma pens, including red.
I quess she really was engrossed,
She never made the bed...

It was more acid-free paper on Friday,
In colors that she adores.
It never bothered her at all,
The crumbs on the floor...

I found a maid on Saturday,
My week is now complete.
My wife can crop the hours away,
The house will still be neat...

Well, it's already Sunday,
But don't call me a great Pop.
I cursed!@#$, I raved*#@, I ranted!!!
The maid has learned to CROP!!!!!!


... diese "lyrischen zeilen" ;-) fand ich so köstlich, dass ich sie in diesem kleinen minialbum verewigt habe!

Kommentare :

  1. hallo nadine, das gedicht ist ja köstlich. das würde ich zu gerne nochmal auf meinem blog posten, natürlich mit link zu dir und deinem original-post, versteht sich!! darf ich?? :-) . vlg claudia

  2. na klar ;)

    liebe grüße